Q: Will a new barrel made in Upper Sandusky fit my Model 37?

A: If the serial number of your gun is above 855000, an interchangeable barrel made in Upper Sandusky will fit your gun, but will likely need to be custom fit by one of our gunsmiths.

Q: Where is the serial number located on my Model 37?

A: On the Model 37®, the serial number is located on the bottom right side of the receiver or on earlier models the chamber end of the receiver between the magazine and barrel. Click HERE to see a photo of where to find the serial number on a currently made Ithaca gun.

Q: What can I do if my Model 37® is double feeding or not feeding at all?

A: The quickest and easiest fix to this problem is a good thorough cleaning inside the receiver. Illustrated instructions for disassembly and cleaning of the M37 are included in our owners manual. Call us at 1-877-648-4222 to get a copy. If the problem persists, our skilled gunsmiths can service your firearm. For more information, go to the service department page.

Q: What does Re-Bluing mean?

A: Over time the finish on the metal on your shotgun can corrode, rust or just wear. Re-Bluing the shotgun can greatly increase the longevity and overall appearance of the metal. First we polish off the existing coating and rust, as well as some pitting (depending how deep it is). This is a high polish. Next we hot salt blue the parts at a high temperature that actually changes the color of the surface. The parts are then protected with a sealant.

Q: Are there any authorized service shops in my area of the country?

A: At this time, the only authorized service department is through the factory, here in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Q: How do I ship my gun for service work?

A: Ithaca Gun Company is a registered FFL manufacturer and can receive your shotgun for service work. You can ship from the carrier of your choosing. We do not accept C.O.D. Insuring your gun through the carrier is recommended. The B.A.T.F. laws stipulate that no live ammunition can accompany the firearm either in the gun or in the same box when sending the firearm.

Q: What is length of pull?

A: Length of pull (L.O.P.) is the distance from where the butt of the stock rests against your shoulder to where your finger pulls the trigger. Factory standard throughout the years have ranged from 13 7/8″ to 14 1/4″.

Q: Why is my trigger too heavy or too light?

A: Our new standard trigger pressure is 4-5 lbs. In the Past, Ithaca depended on hand filing the hammer and trigger fit. Now with CNC machined parts, we can actually reduce your existing weight by just replacing the hammer and trigger. If you would like this done, please send the trigger group to our service department with your contact information to the address on the service page.

Q: What Models does Ithaca Gun Company service?

A: Ithaca Gun Company services the Model 37®, Mag-10, and Model 51. We can also refinish the wood and metal on the Flues, N.I.D., and “Knick”.

Q: What parts need replacing over time on my Model 51?

A: The Model 51 has an action spring located in the stock tube. Over time, the spring can wear, therefore causing recoil to be absorbed in other major parts of the gun. There is also a buffer that sits on the slide that acts kind of as a second protection for this spring wearing out. It is recommended to replace the spring and the buffer every couple of years.

New Gun Sales Related Questions

Q:How do I buy a new Ithaca?

A: You can buy a new Ithaca Gun from one of our many dealers, which can be found using our ITHACA GUN COMPANY DEALER LOCATOR .

You can also order you new Ithaca Gun at our ONLINE SHOPPING CART .

Lastly, you may fill out our Gun Information Form with your contact information specifying the model(s) in which you are interested and wait for someone from Ithaca Gun to get in touch with you to discuss placing an order.

Q: How do I pay for my new Ithaca firearm?

A: Ithaca Gun Company accepts credit and debit cards, cashiers’ checks, and postal money orders.

Q: How do I arrange to receive my new Ithaca firearm?

A: Just look up one of our Ithaca Gun dealers using our online DEALER LOCATOR by clicking HERE .

You can also talk to your local gun shop about receiving your new Ithaca. They will run the background check paperwork, and (upon approval) transfer the gun to your possession. Gun shops usually charge a service fee for handling gun transfers.

If you need help locating a firearms store in your area, call us at 1.877.648.4222 and we’ll help you look or you can find an FFL Dealer online using FFLRegistry.com .

Q: What kind of warranty is offered on new Ithaca firearms?

A: Ours is a one year limited warranty. Please see the warranty page for more details.

Q: How long will it take for my new Ithaca to arrive once I have paid for it?

A: We will only accept payment for standard models when they are in stock and ready for shipment. Therefore, your new firearm will arrive approximately 7-10 days after you pay for it.

Apparel and Accessories Related Questions

Q: I would really like to have an Ithaca t-shirt, patch, or hat to show my love of Ithaca firearms. Can I get some Ithaca apparel?

A: You can order a wide variety of Ithaca apparel and other Ithaca accessories at our ONLINE STORE by clicking HERE .